I am sitting quietly in the room..two days have passed..there has been no contact with Tasin since that day..he called me many times..he was surprised to see me like that everyone in the house then asked a thousand questions but I was not there .. I can only say that I am under house arrest .. Tassin's parents called but did not answer .. I have the face to talk to them. I don't know what to say to them !!

Meanwhile, my parents are also very worried about my condition ..

Seeing Avanti that day reminded me of the past again ... I once had a very good relationship with Avanti .. The relationship was good since I went into a relationship with Tasin .. There was not much talk before that .. But behind this relationship that other I didn't understand that there was anything .. He just wanted to hear from me about Tasin .. What are we talking about! I want to know everything that Tasin has given me so far .. 1 year, but my relationship with all io balatamatasinera like we were friends ..

And we didn't have much secrecy..Tasin was handsome to look at and many girls in my class liked him..I didn't pay much attention to these things..everyone in the class knew about our even if we liked it there was no profit. I didn't have any problem with Avanti, but I liked Faria. She told me many times not to talk to her about Tasin but I listened to her. Not ..

That's how Avanti wanted to know more about Tassin from me .. one day Tassin wanted a Facebook ID and I told him right away .. but I didn't think the result could be anything else ...
.One day I went to meet Tasin..then I found out that a girl has been harassing him on FB for a few days now..Tasin used to share everything with me like a friend ..
When I showed the girl's ID, it was not too late to recognize my ID..because the ID was abnormal..I was very angry that day and seeing the messages, my anger doubled ..The next day I went to college and told him what I wanted to do ... I was so angry I believed him and said so much and he took the opportunity ...

A few more days passed like this .. I didn't talk to him any more .. And Faria couldn't see him before .. After this incident he wouldn't let me go to his side either ..

Another month passed. I was supposed to meet Tasin on my birthday. I was very happy that day. But my happiness was fleeting. Shortly before I left to meet Tasin, Avanti came to me crying and showed me some pictures. After seeing that, I stopped. Because the pictures were of intimate moments between Avanti and Tasin.All my faith in Tasin was shattered in an instant. Faria explained to me a lot that these are fake, these have been edited. But I didn't trust anyone that day .. I ended my relationship with Tassin ...

I cried a lot that day .. my first love was Tasin. So maybe I got into more trouble. We had a friendly relationship, but I couldn't trust him that day. Seeing the pictures, faith rose from love.

A few days later, however, Faria's words were proved to be true. The whole thing was fake. Taseen's face was edited and placed there. It was a picture of an intimate moment between Avanti and another boy. He made all the truth out of his mouth with threats .. Sometimes I am surprised to see Faria's factory .. That's why I'm honest I found out ..I was sorry for everything that day. Faria told me to go to Tasin and apologize for everything but I didn't have the strength to stand in front of him.

Suddenly I was startled by the sound of the phone. I looked at my watch and saw that it was 11 o'clock at night and the phone was ringing. I picked up the phone thinking about who called so late at night. Why did Nirab Bhai call Nirab Bhai so late at night? His number was saved on the phone. We used to talk to him sometimes, but after the breakup with Tasin, there was no more the number remained.

As soon as he received the phone, he said in a hushed voice from the side,
- Tanu, come home now ...
-Why what happened brother and why are you talking like this all right?
-Tanu ta..tasin ...
As soon as I heard Tasin's name on his face, my chest heaved .. I asked quickly ,,,

- What happened to Tasin?
- Tassin had an accident ... You go home now ...
After hearing about Tassin's accident, the phone slipped out of my hand. It seemed to be getting dark all around me. I felt like I was losing all my strength. That's when I left the house .. I didn't hear anything from my parents ..
.Let's go ...
(Shortened with another part)

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