About us

Welcome to the meeting of Bangla drama lovers.

 Basically one more thing is about the cinema

of Bangladesh

There are many groups for dialogue / discussion

/ constructive discussion, but if you look or

notice, you

 will find that there is no group to like /

dislike / constructive criticism of Bangladesh

 drama so this is

 a group of us with Bangla drama.

However, keep in mind that Bangla Drama is the

 only official blog  in Relative Eta.

Here's what you get from the blog:

New drama updates, shooting updates, reviews, etc.

## 'Bangla Natok' is just the way forward for

 Bangla drama, so all the directors / actors

and actresses

have to be discussed. Only one or two of the

 best can not be catcalled. Talk with your intellect and your

 intellect. The words of the fans are constructive.

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